Investment Opportunity

Any candid review of the multitude of efforts over the past 10+ years to develop and commercialize industrial-scale torrefaction would clearly illustrate the difficulties in achieving this goal, especially with respect to the problems associated with the highly reactive gases generated during the torrefaction process. From our personal experience, analysis of current torrefaction technologies, and a straight-forward analysis of the science involved in the torrefaction process, Advanced Torrefaction Systems, LLC is convinced that viable commercial-scale torrefaction will only be achieved with the use of large quantities of inert gas. Our patented ATS TorreCat™ Catalytic Oxidation Technology provides a system to effectively handle those volatile gases and, in the process, generate large quantities of essentially inert gas for safe use throughout the torrefaction system. ATS TorreCat™ Catalytic Oxidation Technology finally opens the door to large-scale torrefaction. If you are interested in investing in this technology, please contact our CEO, Dan Herren, at 314-650-1186 (US) or