Advanced Torrefaction Systems, LLC

Commercially Viable Torrefaction

ATS and HM3 Energy, Inc. Collaboration

Let us show you how ATS can provide complete torrefaction systems based on ATS TorreCatTM Technology in collaboration with HM3 Energy, Inc.

With ATS and HM3 Energy Technology:

BIOCOAL can be produced at a cost competitive with industrial wood pellets, and

BIOCOAL can be delivered to a power plant at a lower cost than industrial wood pellets.

Producing Biocoal at a cost on par with industrial wood pellets

Solving COD levels in leachate and self-heating

HM3 Energy Presentation: High Quality Biocoal to Replace Fossil Fuels

Idaho National Laboratory successfully tests ATS technology

Torrefaction 2.0

Torrefaction of Bamboo

It’s time to take another look at torrefaction

Why hasn’t torrefaction taken off?

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