About ATS

Advanced Torrefaction Systems, LLC (ATS) is an alternative energy company based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The mission of ATS is to bring innovative technologies to the biomass industry. ATS is dedicated to the development and licensing of new, cutting edge technologies that improve the processes used in the torrefaction of biomass.

ATS has patented ATS TorreCat™ Technology, a technology designed to solve the central problem that has hindered the development of commercial torrefaction plants: the inability to effectively treat the VOCs in the torrefaction process. To resolve that problem requires large volumes of inert gas. Utilizing an oxidation catalyst, ATS TorreCat™ Technology provides that required inert gas. A torrefaction system employing ATS TorreCat™ Technology (i) optimizes energy efficiency and yields, (ii) essentially eliminates environmental concerns arising from the process, (iii) reduces safety concerns relating to fire and explosions, and (iv) reduces capital and operating expenses.

ATS TorreCat™ Technology is the key to developing commercially-viable torrefaction plants. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to ATS TorreCat™ Technology.

For more information about Advanced Torrefaction Systems, LLC and ATS TorreCat™ Technology, please contact Dan Herren by phone at 314-650-1186 (US) or by email at dherren@atscat.com.

Advanced Torrefaction Systems, LLC

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